SEACC has been selected by the San Francisco Food Bank (SFFB) as one of their official free food distribution sites. Recipients, which include more than 260 low-income immigrant households, are selected by the City of San Francisco’s Social Services Department which verifies income levels, household size, and need.  The most notable feature of this program is that it relies almost 100% on the volunteer services of local residents, specifically of those living in the Tenderloin. Rain or shine, at 5:30 am on every Friday of the week, about 20 volunteers are at SEACC  to prepare for the food distribution. Most of them stay until the closing time at 12:00 pm

SEACC has been Providing more than 5,500,000 pounds of free groceries and fresh foods to low-income immigrants households.

SEACC’s volunteers are becoming heroes of the COVIC-19 pandemic. They are continuing to pack food for distribution, sorting the fresh produce for families in need at Tenderloin in San Francisco.