Empowering Community, Promoting Business

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Empowering Community, Promoting Business: SEACC’s 37-year success story The theme of SEACC’s 2012 Fundraiser, which was held on October 17, 2012, is to showcase the agency’s success through its active commitment to the development of the Southeast Asian community during the past 37 years.

Highlights of its achievements include:

  • Served 130,000+ clients in the San Francisco Greater Bay Area
  • Assisted 10,000+ clients to become US citizens through our Naturalization Program
  • Provided 2,000,000+ pounds of free groceries to low-income immigrants
  • Provided business technical assistance to more than 2,000 low income entrepreneurs in the Bay Area, to help them establish and/or expand their businesses
  • Created 580 new permanent jobs via new or expanding businesses
  • Processed and approved more than 250 small business loans Addressing an audience of 200+ participants representing the business community, organizations, VIPs as well as clients and friends of SEACC, Philip Nguyen, Executive Director of SEACC thanked supporters and friends and said "It has been long since our agency’s establishment in 1975.

Like other nonprofit organizations, and also like our beloved nation during the past seven U.S. Presidents including the current one, we experienced the ups and downs, the joys and the sorrows, but in the end we survive and come out stronger, thanks to the support from all sources: from the government, the foundations, the corporations, the private companies and from thousands of individuals of all walks of life including an uncountable number of volunteer hours".

The keynote speaker is Quyen Ngoc Vuong, President Obama’s appointee to the Board of Directors of the Vietnam Education Foundation. Her speech was on "Empowerment of the Southeast Asian American Community". Entertainment was performed by the famed Van-Anh Vo. Ms. Vo and her band is unarguably the number one musical band of traditional Vietnamese music.

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