Grants for Down Payment toward the house

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Private fund set up as 503c to help homebuyers with their down payment , ALL Grants up to 48k , free

Welcome to
For information as either a referral associate or homebuyers, follow the follow steps:
1) – Copy and Paste:
2) – Watch the video that pops up
3) – Click Exit Video Now
4) – In the upper left hand corner, click on Contact Salma Aghmane
5) – Scroll down to bottom of panel and click on – Register as a Home Buyer
whichever applies to your situation
6) – Complete for application
7) – Email Mrs. Aghmane when finished at
8) – Mrs. Aghmane will then set up your training on how to move forward.
9) Use our Homebuyer registration page to obtain your customer ID number.
10) And finally, call our home office to complete your Customer Onboarding call. (888) 386-3694 Ext 1 Monday – Friday 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Eastern
11) Time once they have completed their Application and uploaded their Supportive Documentation.




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