SEACC’s counselors focus on housing issues, and focus on overcoming specific obstacles to achieving a housing goal such as repairing credit, addressing a rental dispute, fair housing; housing search assistance; landlord tenant laws; lease terms; rent delinquency; budgeting for rent payments; and providing assistance with locating alternate housing.

Our services to clients:

  • Assisting with opening a DAHLIA account, including basic digital literacy explanations;
  •  Reviewing current availability of rental units and apply for affordable housing opportunities;
  • Documenting household income and expenses, and developing a budget;
  • Analyzing a client’s spending habits, financial circumstances and credit report;
  • Determining the maximum sustainable rent payment;
  • Determining housing program eligibility (e.g., income and asset calculation,household size, and credit);
  • Reviewing local, state and federal rental assistance programs;
  •  Assisting with a housing search for rental units outside of DAHLIA;
  •  Lease-up process assistance (e.g., rental application and documents, lease signing, house rules and lease addendum review, parking policies, selection process for shared housing, and ensuring language access throughout the lease up process).