Clothing/Accessory Retailer
This retail clothing store originally occupied one retail location. Through the efforts of SEACC’s staff, a Microloan was made to expand the store to a space next door. Over a five year period, staff worked steadily with the owner to assist her in implementing an accounting system and developing cost effective marketing programs. With the assistance of SEACC, this company has become a thriving business and has received excellent reviews from customers.

Janitorial Services
This is a janitorial company that started out as a 1-person business operating from an apartment in a low income San Francisco neighborhood. The owner, a very entrepreneurial young man and recent immigrant to the US, received a Microloan to pursue larger contracts and expand his business. After a few months, the owner returned to ask for an additional loan to finance a new contract to clean a large landmark building in downtown San Francisco. Subsequently, sales increased rapidly and the company’s staff grew from 1 person to over 30 people within a two year period.

Sheet Metal Manufacturer
This is a manufacturer of sheet metal parts for the construction industry located in a low income San Francisco neighborhood. The owners, both recent immigrants, recognized the need for customized sheet metal fixtures designed for an individual commercial or residential building. As a company with limited history however, they were unable to get a bank loan for leasehold improvements. SEACC made a Microloan to the company. Subsequently, the company was able to double its sales and increase its manufacturing staff from 6 to 12 people.

Horse Ranch
This is a ranch for boarding horses and riding lessons in San Mateo County. The owner, an experienced horse trainer and rider, was seeking financing for working capital. SEACC was able to make a Microloan and over a number of years provided ongoing technical assistance to the owner on the business organization, implementing an internal accounting system, and asset management.

Silver Jewelry Retailer
This is a retailer that sells silver jewelry in the Sacramento area. The owner originally sought a Microloan to start a kiosk within a shopping mall. With the success of this kiosk, the company asked for a second Microloan to secure and build out a retail site at a new mall in the same geographic area. The two locations allowed the owner to hire 3-4 new employees and establish a steady business.

Yoga Studio
This is a yoga studio in San Francisco. The entrepreneur sought a Microloan to open the studio and complete leasehold improvement work on the studio. With some success at building a regular clientele, he decided to move to a new and better location. He applied for a second Microloan from SEACC to build out this new location. Now established at this new site, the entrepreneur is developing his marketing and programming and has hired additional staff to provide instruction.

Pizza Restaurant
This is a pizza parlor located in Cupertino. The owner was a dedicated entrepreneur who looked forward to getting up every day and preparing his special sauce for his homemade pizzas. He came to SEACC for a Microloan for a new oven that would allow him to bake more pizzas at a time. The business became very successful.

Sandwich Shop
This is a sandwich shop in Martinez that needed a Microloan for additional equipment and working capital. The restaurant was a heavily frequented location for the lunchtime crowd. The loan allowed the entrepreneur to make the necessary improvements and the additional capital to build a successful business.